15 Best Ways On How To Source Content Online

With the boom in the freelancer market it has become impeccably easy to source content online from a diverse range of medium and platforms. Whatever may be your requirement, from plant layouts to website designs or may it be blogs, with a little bit of effort and time you are sure to find the content that you had always been looking for. Here are top 15 ways on how to source your content online:

1. Online forums — The internet is loaded with forums where people ask and answer questions on a diverse field of issues. You can draw inspiration and motivation from such feed to come out with your own blog that you require.

2. Online social media groups — Groups are an important and most common feature offered by all the social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Quora etc. A lot of discussions take place on these forums that helps you to have a look of your specific requirements.

3. People whom you follow on social media — Almost all the celebrities have a huge fan base on the social media with the exception of a few. You can have a look at their social media posts to draw inspiration or from other popular profiles that you follow.

4. Hashtags — Almost all the popular social media sites have made it easy to find popular tags by segregating them by hashtags. You may search these social media sites for hashtags that are similar to your needs to find information on them.

5. Slideshare — Slideshare has got several presentations and your are sure to find one that will be suitable to your need.

6. Videos on Youtube — Youtube is the most popular video hosting website. You can find videos on your area of interest that will help you in building your content.

7. Interviews — One to one communication is still considered the most ethical and efficient way of gathering information. Interviewing experts and professionals can help you in bringing up your content.

8. Surveys — Make use of SurveyMonkey and Google forms to conduct a survey and based on the results come out with your content.

9. Website — If you have your own website you can get ideas from the comments sections of your website. The suggestions and feedback will give you your next content.

10. Competitor’s website and forums — You can hover through it to find out inspiration or frame your own requirement. Having a look at Q&A will help you in getting it all started.

11. Using analytics — Making use of the analytics tool of your website you could collate on the most popular attraction of your site and build content on it.

12. Google suggestions — Having a look at Google’s search engines could give you an idea of what people are looking for and thus your new content.

13. Controversies — They are known to drive traffic, so what is stopping you. Pick up hot topics and build your content on it.

14. Industry statistics — Nielsen and Emarketer like platforms have industry statistics that can be used to build content on.

15. Noting your ideas — A creative mind can give rise to an appealing and wonderful content. Note down your ideas and connect the dots to build content around them.

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