3 Super Tips from Guy Kawasaki on How to Choose a Mentor for Your Startup

  • Does a business need to divide its shares equally among the founders? The answer you should expect is negative. He/she will tell you to preserve around 25 percent of shares for future employees.
  • Should we take a bank loan for starting our business? He/she should expect him to say ‘no.’ He/she will specify that technology business does not possess liquid assets to keep as collated.
  • What revenue projections should we make to attract investors? If he/she is a proper mentor, he/she won’t encourage you to make any such projection. He will simply inspire you to approach a successful business without indicating any revenue projection.
  • Does your business need a CEO at the beginning? He/she will tell you not to hire a CEO now, but may be sometime in future.
  • Do we start recruitment process? He/she will never give his consent as it’s a startup and there’s no money to invest in recruitment process at the stage.



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Anirban Guha

Anirban Guha


Seasoned inbound marketing professional and tech blogger. Loves to write about #Marketing and #Technology. Follow me on Twitter @anibeg25