A Coffee Discussion Converted an Idea into a Full-Fledged Educational Initiative

You get a lot of options online that can help you look for universities and colleges that teach your subject, but have you ever come across anything online that could get you the course details, practical/vocational, to make choosing a study platform easier for you. Bengalorian co-founders Saurav Panda and Venkatesh have introduced a startup, Epecate, in 2015 which uses intelligent data analytics to assess the position of the educational institutions as well as the level of education they provide.

Epecate aims at aiding students to make well-informed and goal-oriented career choices to avail best benefits in future. “Our goal is to make education more dynamic, need-based and result-oriented,” the interviewee said.

The making

It was a coffee discussion that converted an idea into a full-fledged educational initiative. “Two of our team members were discussing the current scenario of education and realised how India really has a lack of relevant information regarding the educational decision making,” the interviewee claimed. During the discussion, they discovered that there were several websites to help students list of educational institutions, but there is nothing in India to offer proper access to educational information relating to course options in India. This discovery led the foundation stone for starting up Epecate.

Epecate is the business front of Absimpl, founded in 2014.

Human resources

The people who founded the startup are highly equipped with software skills and possess an experience of 30 years working with industry giants like IBM and Credit Suisse. Currently, the company has five members in its team along with three mentors.

It had been difficult to search for people willing to work for a startup. Passion was what they always looked for while hiring employees. In case someone is unskilled but is passionate, it is easier for him/her to learn new things and grasp them quickly.

Revenue model

As far as getting paid for its services is concerned, the company aims at charging suitable fees from institutions and universities for helping them building their image online and providing the virtual platform to students to get direct admission assistance.

The company rose funds through families and friends and initial stages. However, it was looking for fund raising options now. The company aims at gathering finance by ways that do not violate its company policies and code of conduct.

The government has also helped the company to a possible extent, though it’s a bit tough to process everything.


Epecate was well prepared for the competition in the market. The team believed in healthy competition and the exceptional nature of work helped the initiate grow and develop enormously so far. The company is one and the only education platform that offers reliable education platform to help students make better career choices by opting for suitable institutions and getting best employers to work in near future.

Of course, idea validation was one of the toughest steps in the journey as it was an online rather than traditional business idea. Explaining people about the expected goals and scalable profits was difficult. But people like Paytm Founder, Vijay Shekhar encouraged the team and helped them excel.

The owners’ are proud to have their company listed in Karnataka Government’s vision 2020 program for developing the education sector. Epecate has been selected as the first-ever accelerator program IMAX at IIIT Bangalore along with getting an opportunity to be incubated in the institute’s innovation centre.

Epecate uses technologies like MeteorJs, WebRTC and Python to build core educational data analytics product. It is initiating partnership with institutions along with counsellors to help keep students on the right track.

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Seasoned inbound marketing professional and tech blogger. Loves to write about #Marketing and #Technology. Follow me on Twitter @anibeg25

Seasoned inbound marketing professional and tech blogger. Loves to write about #Marketing and #Technology. Follow me on Twitter @anibeg25