5 Great Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram is a highly competitive place, so growing a page often involves a huge time investment and a careful strategy. However, most of us don’t have enough time to spare and we therefore neglect our Instagram pages, despite the huge potential to increase traffic. Here I have compiled a list of 5 great tools that can help you maintain a great Instagram presence with much less time investment.

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a page management tool with two amazing uses: (1) collecting statistics, (2) scheduling posts. In order to cut down on research time, I use the statistics provided by Iconosquare to find out which of my posts performs well, what time I should be posting, what hashtags I should be using etc. Optimising your posting schedule becomes so much easier with the type of information Iconosquare provides. And to accompany this, the service recently launched their scheduling platform, allowing users to schedule future posts. Rather than having to consistently upload new photos every day, you can complete this activity on a single day at the start of the month, and your posts will be automatically posted for you. My social media strategy is far more streamlined as a direct result of this service.

2. Tagboard

This tool has many uses and features. But its most important use for page owners is to provide information on currently trending content. Simply think of a hashtag that relates to your page and that you’d like to use, and search within Tagboard. You’ll then be given a huge list of recent posts on various platforms using this tag, providing the perfect inspiration for created new content!

3. SocialGrow

Convincing users to visit Instagram page is the hardest part of growing your page. The best way to actually get people looking at your content is to engage with them yourself, which will then lead them to visit your page to engage back with you. In simple terms, liking and commenting on other peoples content results in these people also liking and commenting on your content, as long as its relevant. But this is extremely time-consuming to do manually, which is where SocialGrow comes in handy. SocialGrow is the best Instagram bot I have trialled to automate my activities on Instagram. You simply pick the types of people you are trying to target, and SocialGrow handles the rest, connecting to your account and engaging with these people on your behalf. I’m getting great growth rates but now I don’t need to spend hours trawling through Instagram!

4. Pixlr

Instagram is all about content. Pixlr is a great contentediting app that can help you to up your game. Whilst Instagram has inbuilt editing capabilities, these are quite limited. Pixlr takes this to a whole new level whilst still allowing you to do the editing on your phone, keeping everything very simple. I use Pixlr for all of my content.

5. Collecto

Collec.to is a great tool that allows you to easily engagewith other users in a new format. This makes interacting with other users much faster and easier. It’s great for generating interest in your page and also has some great statistics available that are free for normal users, which no other service that I have used allows. Successfully building an online presence on Instagram is made much easier with these tools. Whilst they’re not essential, they can cut down on your invested time by 70–80%, if used correctly.

However, it is important to always remember that content is king on Instagram — don’t forget to keep creating great content, or your page will suffer.

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Seasoned inbound marketing professional and tech blogger. Loves to write about #Marketing and #Technology. Follow me on Twitter @anibeg25

Seasoned inbound marketing professional and tech blogger. Loves to write about #Marketing and #Technology. Follow me on Twitter @anibeg25